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Book: Gorillas Make Great Lovers!

Our book, Gorillas Make Great Lovers! qualified as an Amazon bestseller. It's fun and easy to read, in a woman-to-woman chat style. You will find lots of practical information about how to set and manage boundaries, plus handling feelings, and who and when to trust. There are also several specific tools for better communication skills. This book is included in several of our Coaching Packages. (Includes shipping to anywhere in the US.)

Note: This book is also included as a BONUS with several of our coaching packages.

12.00 USD

The 4 KEY Builders & Breakers of Love (online)

Are you trying to find “expert” relationship advice, but you never have enough time or money to find the best counselor or to read through all the self-help books?

Well, we've done the research for you! From the many books of the world-renowned, research-based relationship expert, John Gottman, we have summarized his 4 KEY relationship Breakers and Builders.

Now you can relax in your home while watching Angeline and her daughter, Kitty, explain these key behaviors. We guarantee that when you study and apply these simple concepts, ALL your relationships will improve!

There are 4 videos (about 15 minutes each) and a printable Summary Sheet to post on your refrigerator as a reminder.

Note: This series of videos is also included as a BONUS with several of our Coaching Packages.

127.00 USD

Learn the Secrets for Finding Good Men! (online)

Are you tired of online dating; trying to sort through the maze of options, and finding one dud after another?

This online course will remove the need to ever use online dating as a way to find good men. In this series of 3 Training Modules you will: 1 - Identify your Ideal Type of Man, 2 - Learn How to Recognize Them, and 3 - Discover Where to Find Them. This program also includes my eBook: The 12 Types of Men. Plus, when you've completed the program, I have a Bonus Gift for you.

295.00 USD

Relationship Skills: 4 Modules (online)

Learn the Basic Skills for improving ALL your relationships; romantic, career, family, etc. This is a series of 4 Modules: Managing Boundaries, Handling Feelings, Communication Skills, and Building Trust. Each module includes a Video with Power Point slides and a Worksheet. You will receive one Module each week for 4 weeks.

Note: This series of Modules is included as a BONUS with several of our Coaching Packages.

495.00 USD

Relationship Skills: 4 Modules & 4 Sessions

This includes all the above 4 Relationship Skills Modules, but in addition, you will receive a direct link to my calendar so that you can book each of your four weekly sessions after you complete each Module, at a time convenient for you.

Bonus: Our bestselling book, Gorillas Make Great Lovers!.

995.00 USD

Your Relationship Mentor (6 Sessions)

Looking for support and a "success partner" to help you improve your relationships? This package of 6 Individual Coaching Sessions is the answer! You can schedule sessions at your convenience, whenever you need the support of your Mentor.

Bonus: Our bestselling book, Gorillas Make Great Lovers!

995.00 USD