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Angeline Hart and Dixon Schwenk

Angeline Hart and her husband, Dixon Schwenk, are a happily married couple of 25 years. It is the second marriage for both. Between them they have a lot of experience in the fields of personal growth and psychology. From their own separate and shared history, they have developed highly effective methods you can use for building happier relationships. Both spent years in the dating scene, making mistakes and learning from them. Through their Amazon bestselling book, Gorillas Make Great Lovers, they share with you the wisdom and skills they gained.

When it comes to relationships, Angeline had an advantage. Her mother was a psychologist and the usual subjects of conversation in their home were about the basic principles of emotional health. In addition, Angeline had a great dad. Her father was a masculine and loving man; never abusive.

Angeline’s parents were excellent people, with a “good” marriage, which lasted over 50 years, until her father’s death. They were respectful to each other; devoted to their children and to their church. Yet underneath, each felt isolated and lonely; they didn’t form a juicy and loving support system for each other.  

As many of us do, Angeline repeated the pattern of her parent’s marriage with her own first marriage. Although she married a good man and had a “good” marriage, she felt lonely and unloved. After 20 years, and many efforts to improve the marriage, Angeline realized she wasn’t willing to stay in a marriage that was just “good enough.” They mutually chose to divorce.

Angeline spent 4 years as a single mom with 3 children at home. She dated a lot and with her failed marriage as a background, she gained a great deal of wisdom about men. Then, she met and married her ideal man, Dixon.

Looking back, Angeline states she now knows the skills that could have made her first marriage a success.

On the other hand, Dixon’s family was somewhat dysfunctional. His father, although a successful businessman, was emotionally abusive. As the oldest child of three, Dixon received the brunt of his father’s frustrations. Dixon’s mother was kind, but did not know how to emotionally connect with her children. Ultimately, Dixon experienced neglect and left home soon after high school to join the military. Soon Dixon married and they had a son.

But it was the “free-love” sixties, and Dixon and his wife got involved in drugs and other behaviors that caused the marriage to deteriorate. They divorced after only five years, the toddler living with the mom. Due to continued drug and alcohol abuse, Dixon put himself into a rehab program, where he lived for 7 years, gradually becoming Vice President of the program. After leaving the program, he enrolled in group therapy for another 10 years.  

At the time he met Angeline, Dixon had been a bachelor of 17 years, and had dated many women. Like Angeline, he too had gained a lot of knowledge about relationships.

As coaches, Angeline initially worked with single women and taught them how to see men in new ways. She developed a unique system for identifying 12 types of men. For fun, she gave each type an animal name, such as Shark, Wolf, or Gorilla. Each type is based on his basic nature; a distinctive mix of characteristics, qualities and shortcomings. For example, a Shark is a man who is focused on financial success. He wants to be the top salesman in the office, with the biggest house, and the latest Rolex watch. Some women are looking for this type of man!

The Gorilla Love system moves women away from the online “meat-market” mentality. This innovative program literally creates a paradigm shift in the way women see men. With their new vision, women feel empowered to recognize men that are uniquely right for them AND to easily identify those who are not. No more Mr. Wrongs!

Within a short time, Angeline was also receiving requests from men who wanted help to navigate the jungles of dating, so, with Dixon’s participation, they developed programs to help them, too. Recently couples have begun to seek their expertise, also. Angeline and Dixon are motivated to share what they have learned, so that singles or couples can avoid the loneliness of a “good enough” relationship or the pain of divorce.

Whether working with single women, men, or with couples, the innovative Gorilla Love system really works and 100% of their clients experience a significant improvement in their love life!




We Love Helping Others!

It is our Mission "to improve the world one relationship at a time." We believe happy couples produce happy families, which then develop happier communities. This will eventually create a ripple effect to build toward the fabric of goodwill that exists in the world.

As our business grows, we choose to share a portion of our profits with others who are also making a difference. Among those we love to support are charities that provide help to others. We donate to Kiva, which empowers women through micro-loans. In addition, our hearts are touched with the plight of the Tibetans whose culture and spiritual core has been deeply damaged, so we support the International Campaign For Tibet. Below are links for you to find more information about each of these charities and join with us in making a donation.

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Mission Statement (From is a non-profit organization with a mission to connect people through lending to alleviate poverty. Leveraging the internet and a worldwide network of microfinance institutions, Kiva lets individuals lend as little as $25 to help create opportunity around the world.

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International Campaign for Tibet

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Founded in 1988, the International Campaign for Tibet (ICT) works to promote human rights and democratic freedoms for the people of Tibet. With offices in Washington, Amsterdam, Berlin and Brussels, ICT monitors and reports on human rights, environmental and socio economic conditions in Tibet; advocates for Tibetans imprisoned for their political or religious beliefs; works with governments to develop policies and programs to help Tibetans; secures humanitarian and development assistance for Tibetans; mobilizes individuals and the international community to take action on behalf of Tibetans; and promotes self-determination for the Tibetan people through negotiations between the Chinese government and the Dalai Lama.


“The first time I spoke with her I was bitter, jaded and very resistant. By the end of the 1-hour phone call (which morphed into two hours), I felt hopeful. That was something I hadn’t felt in a very long time. The communication and boundary skills I learned (or more accurately didn’t learn) early in life have not served me well. What I have learned from Angeline has already impacted my relationships – and it’s not been limited to romantic relationships, it’s relevant to all relationships. I’ve been fortunate to work directly with Angeline she is kind; compassionate and very insightful. I encourage you to reach out to her. You won’t be sorry!” 


Shelly R, San Francisco, CA

  “Angeline is an empowering coach! Her depth of relationship expertise, combined with a unique perspective, allows her to share her insight and experiences in truly meaningful ways. She relates analogies and stories that make the message easy to understand and apply. I recommend her book to all women who seek to increase their ability to effectively communicate and recognize their ideal man.”

Joe K

Joe K, Phoenix, AZ  

“Angeline was a delight for my large group of college friends who wanted to improve their dating skills. She came fully prepared with a fun slide show and follow-up mixer activity. We loved it!”

Nikki C, Ephraim, UT

“Angeline and Dixon have been a godsend in my life. When I met them, I was confused about my relationship patterns and wondering if, due to my challenging childhood traumas and dysfunctional family, that I was doomed to continue one failed relationship after the next. Reading their book and in my private coaching sessions with Angeline I have a newfound faith in my relationship. I feel more equipped with a strong tool-set.” 

AmeliaAmelia AK, Synchronicity Coach, Oakland, CA

“I have worked with Angeline for a little over a year, and the effects on my entire life, not just the romantic end have been immeasurable. So many of the lessons she has taught and skills she has helped me develop have had such positive effects across the entire spectrum of my life relationships. It’s hard to underscore enough how profound an effect Angeline's coaching can have.”

 Luca R. Artist, Salt Lake City, UT